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The IT crowd transphobia rant

On the DVD commentaries Graham Linehan said that the IT crowd isn't primarily about IT geeks, it's about how the dynamics change when Jen enters the established life of Moss and Roy, with the Reynholm upstairs showing Jen what she's missing in the basement.

Each episode is constructed around an A plot arc, and B plot arc. These usually collide at the end "with hilarious consequences".

Plot arcs primarily driven by:
1A: Jen (and Roy)
1B: Reynholm

2A: Roy and Moss
2B: Jen

3A: Jen
3B: Roy
3C: Reynholm (and Moss)

So none of them are really about the dynamics between the three of them. And felt pretty lack luster. So I was pretty pleased when I realised last nights was a return to form with the A plot being about Roy and Moss pulling a practical joke on Jen. I really liked that.

But the episode 4 B plot arc is about Reynholm dating a fully transitioned transwoman. She comes out to him early on, and frankly and clearly says she used to be a man. There's a series of montages showing the two of them having fun watching darts, drinking beer, and arm wrestling. They finish up in bed (again) and pronounce their love for each other. Reynholm then laughs about how April had been worried about coming from Iran. So she explains that she'd said she was a man, and he chucks her out.

The resolution of this plot arc comes when April tries to confront Reynholm at work. Which leads to a fight between the two of them. Both of them trading blows, until Reynholm throws April through a frosted glass window into the A plot arc. After a shot of her laying on the floor, we don't see her again.

Less than a month ago was Transgender Day of Remembrance for all those who have died in this exact circumstances.

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