January 26th, 2010

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Custom Group CSV export bookmarklet

On the off chance you want to get a list of your friends and what custom groups they are in, I've knocked up a quick and dirty export bookmarklet.

Step 1) Drag Save this link
javascript:(function(){ var fm=document.fg; var gl = fm.list_groups; var j; for (j=0; j<gl.length; j++) { var gn = gl[j].text; var sg = gl[j].value; for (i=0; i<fm.elements.length; i++) { var nm = fm.elements[i].name; var mk = fm.elements[i].value; if (nm.substring(0, 21) == "editfriend_groupmask_") { var u = nm.substring(21, nm.length); var d = u; if (document.getElementById) { d = document.getElementById('nameremap_' + u); if (d) { d = d.value; } else { d = u; } if (1==j) {document.write(d+',<br>');} if (mk & (1 << sg)) {document.write(d+','+gn+'<br>');} } } } }}())

to your bookmarks.
Step 2) Go to the custom group page.
Step 3) Click on the bookmarklet.

(I'm working on consolidating my address book, and making sure people on FB and LJ have the same access level on each)