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Andriod Apps - <insert crazy ramblings here> — LiveJournal

Crazy Dave
Date: 2010-04-23 10:02
Subject: Andriod Apps
Security: Public
Harrumph. Looks like official UK update of HTC Heros from Android 1.5 to 2.1 has been pushed back by two months. Think I'll be rooting my phone soon, and installing a custom ROM.

In the mean time here's dump of all the apps I have on there at the moment. I'll add descriptions reviews a q-codes soon.

App Installed by Developer
(Came pre-installed)
[Seen in action and liked, but not currently installed]
{Not installed yet, but plan to}

(Sense UI by HTC)
(Albums, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camcorder, Camera, Clock, Footprints, Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Talk, Learn More, Music, Mail, Market, Messages, PDF Viewer, Peep, People, Phone, Quick Office, Settings, Stocks, Teeter, Voice Recorder, Weather, YouTube)
(Widgets: Latest Message, Clock & Weather, Bookmark thumbnails, Favourite People, Airplane / Wi-Fi / Mobile Internet / GPS toggle buttons, Picture Frame)

Smart Phone Apps
NetCounter by Cyril Jaquier
Shake Awake by Maplekey Company
ASTRO File Manager by Metago
Free Advanced Task Manager by Arron La
SilentMode OnOff by CurveFish
Quick Settings by Sergry Shafarenka
[Thick Buttons]
[PowerTutor by PowerTutor.org] Doesn't work with an HTC Hero though.

Tools and Toys
Compass by Snaptic
Andriod Agenda Widget by Everybody All The Time
Aldiko Book Reader by Aldiko Limited
Graph Lite by Rudi Cilibrasi
[Note Pad by AndriodFreeware.ORG] Nice minimial Note app, but moved on.
Note Everything by SoftXPeriance
Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team
MortPlayer Audio Books (beta) by sto-helit.de
Ethereal Dialpad (synthesizer) by Adam Smith

[AndRead:RSS Reader by Aditi Technologies]
[RSS WidgetBoards honcheng]
ElJay by Dytara
Vespucci OSM Editor by Matthias Brandt
beebPlayer by David Johnston
Facebook for Android by Facebook
twidroid for twitter by Zimmermann & Marban
{Google Goggles by Google}

[ScummVM by Angus Lees]
[ScummVM plugin: gob by Angus Lee] Needs a hardware keyboard currently
Space War by Virtual GS
Space Physics Lite by Camel Games
Replica Island by Team Replica
PapiJump by Sunflat
ActionPotato by Sunflat
2 Player Reactor by cool cherry trees
[Andy Royd's Platform Challenge by Fawkes Computing] Very early release, but not many platform games yet.
Air Control (Ad) by Logisoft Games
Zombie, Run! by Peter Dolan
Cestos Full by Chicken Brick Studios
Blow Up (LITE) by Camel Games

All of those are free, but I intend to pay for a few of full versions soon.

Apps I'm still think about / trying to find the right one of include:
To Do list. (GTD tie in? Tie in to Gmail tasks / Don't forget the milk, etc).
Replacement for the Call log, as it doesn't show the time of recent calls on the main view.
Locale. Clever App that switches on and off setting and Apps based on locaction, battery level, etc. But costs $10.
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User: licenced
Date: 2010-04-23 09:52 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I'm thinking almost exactly the same thing now too (although I'm still hoping a cheap Desire turns up in CEX and I might switch). Although I've been in this position for ages now - every ROM developer always promises updates in about two or three days and I think I'll just hold on a little longer ... must make the jump.

As to Apps:
- Instead of Skype (which sucks CPU and slows the phone down) get Fring.
- The Facebook app is pointless as you can get x.facebook and m.facebook through the browser and if you really want notifications just set up your FB account to SMS you when something happens
- gTasks for the to-do list - ties in with Google Tasks nicely (although you do have to pay now for the automatic syncing, so I haven't bothered upgrading yet)
- AirControl - brilliant time waster :-)
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Crazy Dave
User: cdave
Date: 2010-04-23 10:05 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I've had VillainRom recommended to me by a friend, but will have a look at few others.

Ta for the Fring rec.

FB app is pointless, yes. I'd just not got around to uninstalling.

Wow! It's been a year since you updated your blog. I guess the little 'un's taking up your time :) How's things?
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User: licenced
Date: 2010-04-27 15:27 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Things is good thanks. Yeah been pretty busy with Matt, and moving house, and sorting stuff out, ... and not even done much in way of photography, let alone taken loads of shots for the blog, so its fallen by the wayside a little.

Just load Villain this morning - pretty good all in all. Couple of tips if you want to give it a go:
- if you want to keep your SMSs back them up first with something like WaveSecure so you can restore them after the wipe (I have SMS Backup which archives all texts to GMail, which I though could do a restore ... I was wrong)
- use something like Titanium Backup to backup all your apps and app settings - makes restoring everything just how you want it a lot quicker, without having to re-download it all
- if you go for Villain (5.4) be prepared to sweat while the phone appears to lock on the first two or three boots - give it ten minutes, reboot, try again ... eventually it seems to work

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